Treatment for Weight Management @ AmruthSParsh

weight management

Ayurveda believes that a disease takes root in our body due to the imbalance of doshas. When it comes to weight management, inherent excess in kapha dosha results in overweight. In order to maintain weight, one needs to balnce their kapha dosha. At Amruth Sparsh, we offer a natural and healthy treatment to help you gain a healthier body without any water loss and guarantee a long-lasting result. It is mentioned in the ancient Ayurveda books that the ayurvedic treatment for for weight loss could be done by eliminating the aggravated humours from the body. The ayurvedic detoxification treatment removes the blockages to put one’s body into balance.

The ayurvedic doctors at our centres give different treatment to each individual according their body nature and compositions. They will determine your doshas and imablances to find the root cause and a permanent solution. The weight management program does not only assist in losing the weight but it also increases stamina and improves the skin resulting in youthful appearance. The trained ayurvedic therapists guide individuals to the results they want to attain and the changes they have always wanted to see in themselves. The treatment also benefits by reducing cholesterol levels, preventing lipid depositions which makes you more fit and healthy.

One should have patience to go through the whole process and gain all the benefits of our extensive program. We do not suggest our patients to starve or limit themselves from food to achieve their goals. We focus on the long-term gains through a tested and efficient program.