It is one of the Sanskara's out of sixteen sanskaras described in Ayurveda

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The process in which Suvarna (Gold) or "HERBS WITH GOLD" are taken in the form of liquid, semi solid or paste by children through their mounth is called "Suvarna Prashan"


On the day of Pushya Nakshatra.

Also daily for a period of 1 month early morning on empty stomach.

Age: New born babies upto age of 16 Years


Gold, Vacha, Shanka Pushpi, Brahmi Ashwagandha, Honey, Cowghee etc.,


  • Strong Immunity Enhancer : (Bala)

    Suvarnaprashan builds best resistant power and prevents from infections, allergies and makes child stronger

  • Physical Development:

    Suvarnaprashan helps in Physical Development of your child

  • Memory Booster: (Medha)

    It contains such Herbs which help your child for memory boosting and improves Grasping power
    Also makes the child active and Intellect

  • Digestive Power: (Agni)

    Suvarnaprashan is a best appetizer and have digestive properties also

  • Tones up the skin
  • Also Enhances the quality of health ( It is Ayuvardhana)
  • It is a good aphrodisiac (Vrushya) and Graha dosha Nashaka
  • Reduces bed wetting, learning difficulties, delayed milestones


Hombale is given in for pregnant women on the auspicious day of "Pushya Nakshatra"

Ingredients: Hombale, Swarna Bhasma, Pravala Bhasma, Muktha Bahsma etc.,


  • Nourishes both mother and child
  • Supplements Iron and calcium to pregnant women
  • Improves physical and mental development of the foetus

Dates for Pushya Nakshatra for year 2019

JAN 21st

FEB 18th

MAR 17th

APR 13th

MAY 11th

JUN 7th

JUL 4th

AUG 1 & 28

SEP 24th

OCT 22nd

NOV 18th

DEC 15th

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