A long healthy life is wish of every being since antiquity. Ayurveda is the Science of Life with the aim of "importance of Maintenance of Health of Healthy person and Curing the disease if the ill". It is one of the most safest medication system ever. It shows you the power of lifestyle, how to promote longetivity, avoid disease and ultimately make ourselves more happy. Ayurvedic Medicines looks to treat the cause of diesease, not just treat symptoms. Some treatment include herbal medicines, specific dietary changes, yoga, meditation, massage and breathing excersise. Practitioners of Ayurvedic Medicines makes Diagnosis by Examining the face, tongue, lips, eyes, gait, breathing pattern, food habits, bowel and bladder habits, sleep, addictions and past history. All recommended treatments serve to balance the Tridoshas.

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The entire campus has been designed to provide a healing atmosphere and ethnic ambience. AmruthSparsh Ayurvedic Center is an effort to provide authentic ayurveda experience. These have been aesthetically furnished to suit the needs of our valuable clients who come for better health and hospitality, naturally!


This is an ayurvedic practice where a full body massage therapy is given with medicated warm herbal oils to rejuvenate, detoxify and stimulate your senses. Abhyangam is considered one of the most effective procedure to remove stress and strain, improve immunity, eyesight, sound sleep and vitality. Also, it improves skin lustre and leaves you with a flawless glowing skin.

Sarvanga Swedana

This therapy includes a detoxifying herbal steam bath and sauna bath which reduces stress and allows release of toxins and impurities of body through the skin. We use various herbs in the process to suit different body and skin types for good results.


Thalam is one of the best ayurvedic treatments to cure stress, insomnia and many mental abnorlmalities and neurological disorders as it nourishes the brain cells. Other problems like migraines, sinusitis and poor vision can be treated as well by the procedure.


Njavarakizhi is a two step therapy for total body care. It generally means the formentation of the human body. The treatment process involves the preparation of medicated rice with other herbal medicines used with a view for sudation. This is most important treatment in Ayurveda for the goodwill of one’s whole body and mind.Used in removing tan,sunburn, also stroke emanciation patients

Shiro - Abhyangam

General Massage of scalp, Neck & shoulder, this makes Stress Letting, Mind & Body Relaxation & makes you forget the cares of the world


“Shiro” denotes for head and “dhara” means flow. In this therapy ayurvedic oil is allowed to flow on one’s forehead in all the directions. It is relaxing and therapeutic treatment for individuals which helps in soothing mind and body.


It is believed that the skin of nasal passages and the Eustachian tubes of the ears is delicate which requires lubrication to stay balanced, healthy and protected. Nasya is lubricating the sensitive tissues of the nasal cavity by medicated oils to prevent it from dryness and airborne irritants which is combined with shirodhara. It is effective in curing migraine, sinusitis, insomnia and headaches.

Mukha Souvarnyam

This is an ayurvedic facial treatment which uses herbal medicated powders, scrubs, oil, wraps and creams to cleanse, tone, massage and pamper your facial skin for its rejuvenation. It benefits in slowing ageing, increasing radiance and glow of your skin. It, also helps in protecting your skin from pollution as it takes out dirt from your skin pores.


The meaning of “Greeva” is neck and “Basti” means retaining something inside which is basically medicated herbal oil. It is an ayurvedic hot oil therapy which includes bathing the neck region with freshly prepared herbal medicated oils. Sudation and oleation is done around the neck region simultaneously.

Kati Basti

The word “Kati” means Low back and “Basti” means retaining something inside which is specific herbal oil. The process involves applying heat to the sacral or lumbar region by retaining warm herbal ayurvedic oil within a specially formed frame. Kati Basti is the best treatment for back problems and it also cleases and fortifies blood system.

Janu Basti

It is one of the most popular treatment for acute or chronic knee pain. It is one of the sub-type of Panchkarma. “Janu” means knees and “Basti” means retaining something inside which is medicated oil. The therapy strengthens the knee muscles and joints which enhances the functions of knee joints.


This therapy is an ayurvedic treatment for people suffering from the pain associated with the inflammatory conditions. Medicines along with herbal liquids are mixed to form a paste (known as lepam), which is applied to the affected parts of the body. It acts as a body scrub which smoothens the skin and rejuvenate blood circulation, removes skin disorders, pain management etc. This activates purifying and healing abilities of the body which relieves inflammatory diseases.

Panchakarma Therapy

Panchakarma means “five actions” or “five treatments” in Sanskrit. It helps in cleansing the body toxins left by diseases or poor nutrition. The treatments which is a three-part process. Its initial process is “Purva Karma” which means the pre-procedure which is followed by “Pradhana Karma” which means main procedure and ends at “Pashyat Karma” which means post procedure.The body has an efficient process to remove waste materials, but sometimes, because of one’s poor lifestyle patterns, exercises and even genes, it could lead to accumulation and spreading of toxins throughout the body which could result in a disease. This therapy, thus helps in evacuating such toxins from the body.

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