What our Customers Say?

Neha Sharma

Hello, My name is Neha Sharma and I'm from Madhya Pradesh, residing in Bangalore. I have PCOD complaint since long time. I took allopathic services but it did not give me results.

Then i came to know about "Amruth Sparsh" Ayurvedic Centre in Jayanagar. I took service here and my PCOD problem is resolved. Also i have concieved now.

I'm very happy and recommend Amruth Sparsh for those who are suffering from PCOD(PCOS).

Thank you


Lalitha B.A

Hello, my name is Lalitha and i had PCOS problem from past 1 year. I tried all allopathic medicines.It gave only temporary solution but did not solve the problem. I took services from "Amruth Sparsh" and now problem is solved. Im very happy and will suggest "amruth Sparsh " for others also.

Thank You

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