Panchagavya Treatment for Blood Cancer


My Name is Meenakshi, I am suffering from Blood cancer, Giddiness, Fatigue, Vomiting, low blood count ,After taking Ayurveda panchagavya treatment I am alright now, Did not go to english medicine, All my symptoms have gone, i am eating nicely.

We are from andra, My wife meenakshi, aged 45 years, is suffering from Blood cancer, doctor had told my wife will survive for only 3 months, we did not take allopathy treatment, we came to Amruthsparsh ayurveda center in bangalore, Here we met panchagavya specialist DR Subhashini, and started taking treatment. we have seen lot of improvement in her symtoms without any side effect. she is doing all her work. Its been 2 1/2 Years now she is fine The treatment and facilities are good here, I Thank DR Subhashini and team.

Thank you

What our Customers Say?

Neha Sharma

Hello, My name is Neha Sharma and I'm from Madhya Pradesh, residing in Bangalore. I have PCOD complaint since long time. I took allopathic services but it did not give me results.

Then i came to know about "Amruth Sparsh" Ayurvedic Centre in Jayanagar. I took service here and my PCOD problem is resolved. Also i have concieved now.

I'm very happy and recommend Amruth Sparsh for those who are suffering from PCOD(PCOS).

Thank you

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Lalitha B.A

Hello, my name is Lalitha and i had PCOS problem from past 1 year. I tried all allopathic medicines.It gave only temporary solution but did not solve the problem. I took services from "Amruth Sparsh" and now problem is solved. Im very happy and will suggest "amruth Sparsh " for others also.

Thank You

Testimonial of Rheumatoid Arthritis


Her name is prabhavathi from Bagepalli aged 45 yrs,was suffering from low back pain,Lumbago

Was not able to sit continuously,for a longer period

Now she is fine without any pain

Thank you

Pregnancy YOGA



Arogyamruth Testimonials

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