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The External Beam Stimulation Therapy (EBST) is by exposure without any internal medication.

HOW IT WORKS: During External Beam Stimulation Therapy (EBST), potassium enriched un-stimulated fatty oil applied on the skin causes electro synthesis to charge proteins with protons. These charged proteins restore electrical charge of extracellular fluid to restore normal cells functions. This would break a hallmark of cancer which is the ability of malignant cells to evade apoptosis. BACKGROUND: Most infectious & degenerative diseases are caused by abnormal concentration of ions in a cell. The electric charge inside a cell is normally negative while outside is positive, except in a few cases. Nanoparticles (proteins) charged by stimulation, a process involving scintillation on skin applied with un-stimulated oil and undergo endocytosis against the electrical charge of cell due to the presence of surfactant molecules in the oil. Potassium hydroxide contained in un-stimulated oil reduces surface tension and refracts light beam to allow curative component to enter.

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