SPA Services @ AmruthSParsh

"Spa" may or may not always involve water in the process, rather it gives a wide range of health care treatments. The word "spa" was originally originated from the Latin word "Spargere" which means sprinkle or moisten and the linked to Latin expression "Salus Per Aquam" which means health through water. It is also believed that the word might have originated from the name of the town in Belgium. In earlier times, only royal families had the luxury of "Spa Therapy" or "Spa Aqua Therapies". At present, the spa refers to a place which offers massage and other services as facial, nail and water treatments. Therapy focuses on relieving one from stress and pain through various massages and treatments by skilled masseuses.

Ayurvedic Spa is especially developed for preventing and healing diseases by eliminating the cause while boosting the immune system as well. These spa treatments are customized in order to meet the needs and requirements of client which differs for every person. The process may even include meditation and yoga.s