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pcod & Infertility

Polycystic ovary syndrome, commonly called as PCOD is an endocrine system disorder which occurs during the reproductive age of a woman. It is believed to be one of the major cause of infertility in females. In the case of this disease, many small cysts develop in their ovaries. Reason why it is referred to as polycystic ovarian syndrome. The cysts do not cause any serious health problem directly, but they do cause hormonal imbalance in the body. One change is followed by another turning into a cycle. In Ayurveda, the occurrence of PCOD is due to the imbalance state of one’s doshas especially Vata (flow and motion in the body) and Kapha (structure and fluid balance in the body). The symptoms of this disease are linked to the dosha vaishanmya and the relation between the lakshans (symptoms) and doshas is permanent. The imbalance in the doshas affects the efficiency of shukra dhatu.

In ayurvedic textbooks, it is mentioned that the shukra dhatu (semen) which is present in both men and women plays an important role in maintaining the health of their reproductive systems. This shukra dhatu is believed to be a combination of androgen (male harmone) and estrogen (female harmone). The imbalance in these two hormones can be the cause of infertility. In women, it leads to excess production of male harmpone i.e. androgen and formation of cysts in the ovaries.

Ayurvedic treatment involve using a combination of specific medicated herbs that strengthens the reproductive system of females. Ayurveda targets the root cause of the disease by treating the inflammation and hormonal imbalance of the body. These herbal medicines do the same task as the allopathic medication which are generally prescribed for the disease. They also help in digestive disorders, insulin sensitivity and even improving mood. At our ayurvedic centres, diverse therapy methods are used for everyone according to their body type and needs.