Treatment for Diabetes @ AmruthSparsh


According to Ayurveda, any disease is caused by the imbalance of the three doshas namely vata, pitta and Kapha. Diabetes can be classified in 10 sub classes i.e. 10 sub classes are related to Kapha Dosha, 6 classes related to Pitta Dosha and 4 classes related to Vata Dosha. It is one of the most rapid growing diseases of the world. People tend to switch to modern treatment of regular medicine and insulin intake that results in side effects and insulin resistance. Ayurveda being the oldest form of medicine comes with alternative treatment for the disease. Ayurvedic treatment for diabetes include ayurvedic medicines, diet, panchkarma and exercise.

In Ayurveda, Diabetes is known as Madhumeha and it believes that this disease can’t be just treated by mere medicines. If not treated on time, it can lead to a lot of health problems from joint pains, kidney failure to impotency. Thus, it is also regarded as Maha Rog which means a major disease. This cannot be treated by controlling sugar levels as it is a metabolic disease. The ayurvedic upchar aims at rejuvenating the body to balance the sugar levels while ensuring that it causes no more problems. One can find various Ayurveda treatments for diabetes in our ayurvedic hospital in Banglore which include Vyaayam (exercise), Panchkarma treatment (bio-purification procedures), Pathya (dietry regulations) and Ayurvedic medication. At Amruth Sparsh, we work on the root cause of the disease so it doesn’t cause more complication or reoccur.